As an Independent Sponsor, we can be more flexible and creative than most traditional private equity funds.

Investment Approach

SR Capital works with management teams and investors to apply its proven investment strategy that targets growth opportunities while seeking to manage downside risk.

Discipline: We are focused on investment opportunities that exhibit some combination of the following fundamental characteristics, which we believe minimize downside risk and lead to premium exit valuations:

  • Strong management team

  • Proven demand for the product/service

  • Recurring revenue

  • High visibility on positive free cash flow

  • High switching costs for customers

  • Significant ongoing growth potential

  • Demonstrable asset value

  • Significant barriers to entry

Creativity: We have executed a wide range of transactions, ranging from senior debt to common equity, and various hybrid structures that fall between the two. We believe that every transaction is unique, and that a creative approach is often necessary to meet the needs of our portfolio companies and financial partners.

Flexibility: As an Independent Sponsor, we have a broad network of financial partners. This gives us the ability to finance a wide range of investment sizes, stages and structures.

Industry Focus: Historically we have centered our investment activity in media, telecommunications, business services and healthcare services:

  • Telecom Infrastructure

  • Traditional Media

  • Digital Media

  • Wireless Communications

  • Healthcare Services

  • Software as a Service

  • Business Services

  • Entertainment Services

We also target a broader set of industries that exhibit the fundamental economic characteristics described above.